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Roofing Basics

Having a roof over your head is one of life's basics. however, the installation and maintenance of one's roof are things that are at times ignored as "the roof" is something that is "above us", "it is over our heads" and what you do not see you do not tend to worry about until it becomes critical.

With Roofing basics  we give you an overview of things you need to know when considering options.

New Roofing

Dexter's Roofing and Fixing Service are able to assist you with all your requirements for steel roofing products, spouting and down pipes.  We source the bulk of our steel material from Steel & Tube.

Starts from the plan, which should:

  • Include a site plan, elevations, cross sections and essential details of important items; and include a roof plan, and drainage plan.

  • Specificy the type of roof profile, the fixings to be used, details the colour and thickness of the roof sheets, the insulation, spouting and down pipe details as well as all information on any other items to be included in the project e.g. sky lights, chimneys and any other item that may penetrate or affect the roof.

We can help you keep your project meet it's time line and budget.  You need to get advice on what needs to be done, how it will be done, who will be doing it, When it will be done and how much it is likely to cost.


A Roof will not last forever, it will reach the end of it's "effect life" sometime, and at that time the roof must be replaced.  If you leave it too long you turn a deteriorating situation in to an accelerated disaster.

Eventually The finish on the roofing sheets and flashings will breakdown, the roof rusts rapidly.

The roof may have been painted, however, the rust continues under the paint.  In the near future the roof will become dangerous to walk on, the roof will start to fall into the building and the roofing timbers will begin to fail.

Failing to re roof will prove more costly the longer it is left.  The longer you postpone matters the greater the damage.  The effect of heavy down pours can be severe.

Re-roofing is not a few replacements sheets and placing new flashings over old.  You need to consider a range of things such as:

§ the condition of purlins and other supporting timber,
§ The roofing underlay
§ roof pitch,
§ sheet length,
§ the materials,
§ finish and profile.

Problems with Roofs may arise from:

Flooding - Leaks due to the wrong sheet profile or the sheet length is too long, both of these factors may lead to leading to flooding occurring on the roof sheets prior to the rainwater reaching the spouting.  A lower pitched roof needs a higher profile sheet.

Sheet Length - The distance of the roof sheet into the spouting may be too short or tool long - too long and the rainwater may miss the spouting, too short and the rain water may back track.

Material incompatibility - such as lead or copper with Zincalume or Colorsteel, the wrong material used in a particular location e.g. exposure to the marine environment.  Two dissimilar metals being used which causes frosting, weakness and eventually rust to occur.

Ponding - The roof or a section of it runs the wrong way or has a "hollow" which causes rainwater to built up and not drain away, silt and grim also build up and the roof will begin to rust rapidly in these areas.

Incorrect flashings - The sheet may come down to far onto the flashing causing water to back up behind it and rust out.   Flashing may not provide the cover required, or flashings may not have been sealed or even fixed adequately.

Lack of Maintenance -  A roof should be washed every year, Spouting should be keep clear ( the frequency of inspection being dependant on the environment) and cleaned, normally rain washes away most of the material, however it does leave a build up.  This is best treated with soapy water. Which is left to emulsify and then washed off.

Roof areas that do not see the light of day or where debris builds up should be cleaned at least quarterly to save them from rusting out.

Poor Workmanship - Sheets may have been damaged upon delivery to site or on installation, The flashings may not be adequate and there has been a failure to fix to the manufacturers specifications as a result the product guarantee is not vlaid.

Successful Re- roofing is a two way street, a meeting of minds to find the best way forward for the home or factory owner.  Dexter's Roofing and Fixing Service work with you to ensure the re-roof proceeds smoothly, reducing the impact the job has on Family and business life whilst also ensuring the work gets done right.

Re-roofing with Steel & Tube Roofing products guarantees a roof custom built to suit your situation.  When you need to re-roof your investment contact Dexter's Roofing and Fixing Service for free quotation and assessment.  It is a matter of "Here comes Success" or "Here Comes the Rain"

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